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    In the US alone, one in six children is diagnosed with ADHD or some other developmental disability. More specifically, one in sixty-eight children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Parents are struggling to manage their families as well as provide safe, supportive, and loving environments to rear their children. The church is a place that many families are turning to for support. In response, many synagogues and houses of worship are creating special needs programs for their members and families. This means that staff and volunteers alike are searching for training resources to appropriately serve their special needs friends. This training provides background information on autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay, and Down Syndrome. It also provides information on managing problem behavior, assisting students and adults in learning time, and provides ideas for promoting social interaction. Volunteers will gain practical ideas for supporting children, teens, and adults in a large worship setting. Also, the training reviews how to successfully integrate individuals with special needs in a small group learning environment. Finally, the training reviews best practices for teaching students, reviews safety measures for volunteers, and suggests ideas to consider for emergencies.